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BSEC-23-12 Call for Nominations for Representatives on Outside Bodies





From: Returning Officer


To:   Branch Secretaries

Members of Central Branch

Executive Council Members


Date: 19th  June 2023


Subject: Call for Nominations for representatives on outside bodies



The Executive Council is calling for nominations for NFB representatives to the undernoted bodies  and these candidates are expected to serve for a three year term of office, commencing April 2024.


Branches must ensure that nominees have given their consent before nominating them. Valid nominations must indicate:


  1. a) The name of the nominating Branch.
  2. b) The name of the nominee.
  3. c) The name of the Nominee’s Branch.
  4. d) The Post for which the nominee(s) is/are nominated.
  5. e) A Letter of Consent from the nominee, or notification if it is coming under a separate mailing.
  6. f) The nominee’s biographical details (approx. 250 words maximum), or notification of whether they are likely to be coming under a separate mailing.


Note: Late paperwork and late telephone nominations or acceptances are not permitted.


All the above information must reach Head Office by Monday 31st July 2023. Head Office address is: Sir John Wilson House, 215 Kirkgate, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 1JG, Tel: 01924 291313,




Please make sure that your nominations via e-mail should be sent to both the above addresses.


No nomination will be accepted without a Letter of Consent from the nominee. Nomination information will be accepted in large print, standard typewritten print, on tape, memory stick or by email. It is recommended that Branches send their paperwork by Recorded Delivery. If Branches have not received written confirmation of receipt of their nominations within 2 weeks of sending them, please contact Head Office.  Email nominations must be received by midnight on the closing date. Only electronic acknowledgements will be sent automatically.


Note to Central Branch: Please can Central Branch Members send their nominations to Head Office by Monday 24th  July 2023.


Some brief general information about the bodies and what is expected of representatives, is provided at the end of this memo to assist potential nominees.


List of outside bodies:


  1. UKAAF UK Association of Accessible Formats

– One delegate for a 3 year term commencing April 2024 (currently this post is held by Timothy Bamber from London branch).




  1. VLV – Voice of the Listener and Viewer

– Two delegates required for a 3 year term of office commencing June 2023. – 1 for the TV side of matters and 1 for the radio side of matters. Currently the reps are Yemi Dada and Tesfai Berhane.


  1. One candidate to represent NFBUK in the Disability Consortium. (currently this post is held by Jill Allen King from Southend and Essex branch.


  1. One candidate (preferably a guide-dog user) to represent NFBUK on the EGDF. The European Guide Dog Federation usually take them as a Trustee and will deal with guide dog issues.


Details of organisations that nominations are being sought for:


  1. UKAAF UK Association for Accessible Formats


UKAAF sets standards and promotes best practice for accessible documents including Braille in the UK.  They also work with international bodies to represent UK interests in the setting of accessible document standards worldwide.


Meetings are held by conference call, last a couple of hours each and vary in frequency.



  1. VLV Voice of the Listener and Viewer


The Voice of the Listener & Viewer (VLV) is an independent, non-profit-making membership association, free from political, commercial and sectarian affiliations, working for quality and diversity in British TV and radio content. VLV represents the interests of listeners and viewers as citizens and consumers across the full range of broadcasting issues. VLV is concerned with the structures, regulation, funding and institutions that underpin the British broadcasting system and makes the case for public service broadcasting which ensures the interests of viewers and listeners are kept in mind.


We are seeking a representative for television and one for Radio.  In the former sector we would expect our representative to campaign for Greater access to audio description on television.


VLV have two one-day conferences a year, which are both in London and there are occasional other events.


  1. The Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) is a national coalition of over 100 different charities and other organisations committed to working towards a fair benefits system.


It is committed to achieving a benefit system that:

     Is built on the rights of disabled people;

     Is informed by the needs and experiences of all disabled people;

     Is fair in its design and administration;

     Is transparent and accountable;

     Supports disabled people to meet the extra costs associated with disability;

     Reflects the reality of the challenges faced by disabled people seeking work;

     Recognises the individual needs of all disabled people (regardless of factors such as impairment and age);

     Contributes towards tackling disability poverty and interacts with other government measures to achieve this;

     Tackles misunderstanding about disability and the support disabled people may need from the benefit system.


They meet approximately every six weeks, currently online, although in the past the meetings were live  and were based in London.


  1. EGDF:


The  European Guide Dog Federation  is dedicated to influencing laws, policies and attitudes and to ensuring excellent facilities and access for guide dogs.

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