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Fed News

Fed News is NFBUK’s window on the world.  The newsletter includes Executive Committee and Branch news, as well as articles that are of interest to members, other blind and partially sighted people and others visiting our website.

Fed News highlights the work that NFBUK is doing and we hope that NFBUK and Fed News will continue to be the voice of blind and partially sighted people across the United Kingdom.

Below you will find the links to the different editions of Fed News, along with a list of some of the articles covered in that edition.

Fed News Edition 53 Published: March 2023

Fed News Edition 53

Fed News Edition 51 Published: December 2022

Fed News Edition 51

FED News Issue 49 Published: July 2021

FED News Issue 49 July 2021

29th Edition

Eastbourne Link-Up, shared spaces, talking buses, pedestrianising Oxford Street in London, diary of a Vision Rehabilitation Officer

Fed News 29

28th Edition

National Eye Health Week, inquiry into shared spaces, Eastbourne weekend, smart meters, Vision Hotels, new bank notes, Buckingham Palace garden party, ESA

Fed News 28

27th Edition

AGM workshops, disabled rail passengers, Describe Online, Braille & tactile signs in Sydney, Brexit, Techshare Europe 2016

Fed News 27

26th Edition Published: May 2016

New Development Worker, AGM, talks with DRUK & DPC re PIP, GDA Access All Areas campaign, EGDF conference, Living Paintings, Blind Veterans UK campaign, cassette tapes

Fed News 26

24th Edition Published: January 2016

Elections, Development Worker post, shared space petition, tactile paving, Equality act 2010, Orcam, Richard Howitt MEP, 10th EBU General Assembly

Fed News 24

23rd Edition Published: November 2015

ESA, shared spaces, Warm Home Discount Scheme. Eastbourne weekend, talking buses, Blind Veterans campaign, RNIB Talking Books free subscription

Fed News 23

21st Edition Published: July 2015

NFBUK AGM, RNIB Who Put That There? report, Glastonbury, scooter crash on the Isle of Wight, making Windows easier to use

Fed News 21

20th Edition Published: May 2015

Sir Duncan Watson, The Big Six Utility companies, Kirkintilloch shared space, Be My Eyes app, 13 things you might not know about blind people, audio description for Daredevil on Netflix.

Fed News 20

19th Edition Published: March 2015

AGM notice, shared spaces, responsible parking bill (Scotland), Braille tablet, accessible bank cards, singing weekend, Premier League football clubs, Kings Fund report, using an iPhone, Dans Le Noir

Fed News 19

18th Edition Published: January 2015

Crossings, Streets Ahead campaign, Add Venture in Learning, EBU, charity fundraising, employment opportunity, RNIB Overdrive, David Blunkett MP

Fed News 18

17th Edition Published: November 2014

Shared Spaces, Manchester meeting, Accessible Britain Challenge Awards, driverless buses, Prodigi, Mark Harper, NFBUK Presidents, woman & guide dog asked to leave Tesco, Timothy Bamber

Fed News 17

16th Edition Published: September 2014

Shared Spaces, Scottish referendum, Ideas Manchester and Beyond, Eastbourne weekend, 50s & 60s weekend

Fed News 16

15th Edition Published: July 2014

AGM & Conference Special, PIP independent review, ESA, child sight loss, First Aberdeen buses, assisted dying, smart glasses

Fed News 15

14th Edition Published: May 2014

AGM, communications strategy, shared spaces, electric cars, Safe & Sound campaign, buses and bus stops, European Independent Living Day

Fed News 14

13th Edition Published: March 2014

Barbara Hellyer, Moira McConnell, London Blind Rambling Club, Talking Books, charges for challenging benefits decisions, ebooks, shared spaces

Fed News 13

12th Edition Published: January 2014

Gene therapy, United Nations Disability Day, DfT using NFBUK document, Emily Brothers, PIP

Fed News 12

11th Edition Published: November 2013

Shared spaces, Mike Penning, Atos, PIP, Remploy, Articles for the Blind

Fed News 11

10th Edition Published: September 2013

Shared spaces, road crossings, UK Vision Strategy, campaigning, holidays

Fed News 10

9th Edition Published: July 2013

Shared spaces, Barry Naylor, Basil Frost, PIP, rehabilitation officers, twitter, electric cards, DPTAC

Fed News 9

8th Edition Published: May 2013

2013 AGM, shared spaces, London Eastbourne weekend, Wolly Kinder, DLA & PIP, claiming benefits online, ScotRail Passenger Assist, talking ATMs, talking buses, EASS

Fed News 8

7th Edition Published: March 2013

2013 AGM, Lillian Oldknow, Pat’s petition, PIP, bedroom tax, Travel Matters, traffic noise, computers for the blind, Calibre, networking, 2014 Games sponsor debate

Fed News 7

6th Edition Published: January 2013

Margaret Cowie OBE, Charity Flowers, teaching the blind to see, crowdfunding projects, train companies accessibility forum, fitness & health

Fed News 6

5th Edition Published: November 2012

Welfare benefits, Charity Flowers, AGM 2012, Walk My Way, Atos, vacancies for Judicial Officers, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Pat’s petition, Easyjet & Sophie Morgan

4th Edition Published: September 2012, Braille, the Seeing Ear, Universal Credit, fraudsters jailed, energy saving light bulbs, European Blind Union

Fed News 4

3rd Edition Published: July 2012

RNIB research, social care services in decline, Disability Rights UK advice factsheet, eye stem cells transplants, “I’m Not Laughing” seminar, robots

Fed News 3

2nd Edition Published: May 2012

Warwick High Street, Talking Buses, PIP, disabled UK activists plan protest, law commission consultation, responsible parking bill, Singing Weekend, education

Fed News 2

1st Edition Published: March 2012

Future funding, Welfare Reform Bill, disabled people’s right to independence, UEB adopted as the Braille code for the UK, assistance dogs

Fed News 1