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BSEC-22-23 Programme of 2022 AGM Weekend Events

Programme of 2022 Annual General Meeting Weekend Events

From: Head Office

To: Branch Secretaries
EC Members
Central Branch Members

Date: 1st September 2022

Subject: Programme of 2022 Annual General Meeting Weekend Events

Outlined below is the schedule for our AGM.

Venue: Burleigh Court Conference Centre, Hotel and Spa

All meetings will take place in the Avon Room

Friday 23rd September

13:00 Attendees arrive and check in at Reception Desk

14:00 Campaigns Forum 1: Ensuring Safety, Accessibility and Independence in Active Travel Street Designs for Blind and Visually Impaired Pedestrians and Bus Passengers – Andrew Hodgson and Sarah Gayton

This session will include film, presentation and discussion about inclusion, accessibility and safety in new street transformations for active travel for blind and visually impaired people.

14:45 Mid-Afternoon Refreshments

15:15 Campaigns Forum 2: Support for Sight Loss – Andrew Hodgson and Martin Borrill

This workshop aims to provide an update on the Support for Sight Loss campaign and encourage your involvement in enabling the campaign to meet its objectives. You will hear from Professor Fred Reid who has been fundamental in this campaign’s development so far, 2 real life experiences of accessing rehabilitation services and how it has impacted on them, and 2 professionals working in the Rehabilitation sector. Then, most importantly, we want to hear from you and your ideas for how the campaign can progress in the future.

16:00 to 16:30 Short Group Orientation Tour of Burleigh Court facilities with Duty Manager

17:45 Assemble in Avon Room for Dinner

18:00 Private Dinner Service

Evening Celebration of 75 Years of NFBUK – MCs Pardy Gill & Steve Springthorpe.

19:45 Virtual attendees dial up/log on

20:00 After Dinner Speaker – Paralympian Libby Clegg

20:20 Historical presentation – Andrew Hodgson

20:25 NFBUK Past Presidents Presentation – Professor Fred reid, Lord Colin Low, David Mann, Jill Alan King OBE & Douglas Gilroy

20:45 NFBUK Present Presentation – Branches

20:55 NFBUK Future Presentation – Fiona Musgrove

21:05 Break

21:15 Quiz – Steve Springthorpe

21:45 Live Musical Entertainment from Sweden – Jörgen Hansson

22:30 Entertainment Ends

Saturday 24 September

07:30 to 09:00 Flexible Breakfast time in Main Restaurant

Annual General Meeting

09:15 Attendees Arrive, Tea/Coffee

09:45 Attendees are encouraged to be seated. Virtual attendees dial up/log on

10:00 Opening, President’s Welcome and Announcements

10:10 Roll Call and Apologies

10.20 Acknowledgement of Deceased Members during 2021-2022

10:25 Approval of Minutes of 2021 Annual General Meeting

10:35 Finance, including Presentation of 2021 Accounts

10:55 Mid-Morning Refreshments

11:25 Questions on Financial Presentation and Accounts, and Adoption

11:50 Officers’ Reports, including Questions on The Annual Report and Adoption

12:10 Awards

The Block and Gavel – This is awarded to the Branch which has contributed the most money to Central Funds during the previous calendar year.

The Russell Endean Rose Bowl – This is awarded to the Branch that has recruited the most members during the previous calendar year.

The Presidents Cup – This is presented by the President to the Branch judged to be the most successful in campaigning on behalf of the NFBUK during the last year.

Paul Otten Award – Presented to the best national, local or membership Tape/CD/USB key or digital Podcast/Email magazine, produced and distributed without cost throughout the UK on a non-professional basis.

The Grimshaw award – This is presented either to a blind or sighted person with some particular achievement to his/her name or to a person who has contributed significantly to the welfare of blind or partially sighted people over the years.

12:30 Group Lunch in Main Restaurant

13:45 Attendees are encouraged to be seated. Virtual attendees dial up/log on

Afternoon Forums

This year’s AGM Forums will include Branch Delegates, Observers, Executive Council Members, who may all contribute to the discussion. Representatives from Branches (Delegates) may vote by show of hands whether they agree, disagree with any proposal arising or abstain. The vote will be regarded as a recommendation for NFBUK policy.

14:00 Driverless Cars, E-scooters and Our Safety – Responding to London Branch Proposals. Discussion chaired by Karl Farrell to determine how best to take these important issues forward.

14:25 Forum 3: Benefits of Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) Structure Information Forum – Devaki Sivasubramanian

Until now NFBUK has been a Charitable Organisation. Recently many charities have realised that they need to improve their profile by upgrading their organisation to either a Company Limited by Guarantee or Charitable Incorporated Organisation. The Executive Council is recommending that we investigate the CIO application process. We will have a short presentation on this process in this forum which is aimed at giving an introduction to CIO status.

14:50 Mid-Afternoon Refreshments

15:20 Forum 4: Creation of Campaigns Forum – Karl Farrell

In order for the Executive Council to maintain an effective campaigning strategy, it has to stay in touch with campaigners and the membership generally. The Campaigns Forum is a key link where this important dialoguing takes place.

15:45 Drawing of Raffle

15:55 President’s Note on Leaving Office

16:00 Presidential Summing Up and Way Ahead

16:20 Date and Place of Next AGM and Any Other Competent Business

16:30 Vote of Thanks and Close

18:00 Optional Dinner in Main Restaurant, followed by evening informal social time and use of hotel leisure facilities

Sunday 25 September

07:30 to 10:00 Flexible Breakfast time in Main Restaurant

12:00 Latest time for check out

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