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Welcome to the NFBUK home page

Read about us below and on the other pages of our website, or listen to an audio version of our recruitment leaflet:  Audio Leaflet

The National Federation of the Blind of the United Kingdom (NFBUK) is an independent, non-political, self help campaigning pressure group and registered charity.  It was founded in 1947 by blind and partially sighted people and today it is still run by us.

What do we do?

With representatives on numerous committees of other organisations of and for blind and partially sighted people, we campaign to improve the overall welfare and quality of daily life for all blind, partially sighted, deaf-blind people and those whose sight impairment is part of multi disability, in the United Kingdom.


How do we meet and operate?

We have a network of local Branches around the country and a postal branch each in England and in Scotland for those members not able to get to a local group.  The NFBUK has an e-group and a national audio magazine where members can exchange views about subjects that affect or interest them.  From our office in Wakefield, we provide information for our members in their branches in Braille, large-print and various forms of audio media.

We welcome your support

We in the NFBUK want blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted people to be treated and receive the same dignity and respect as members of society.  We want to be able to move safely around our locality, have education and training for ourselves, families and our children, get a job, have a social life - do exactly what the average UK citizen does.