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Pavements are for People

“Give us back our pavements” is a long running NFBUK campaign.

To allow blind and partially sighted people to walk along the pavement safely, the pavements need to be clear from obstructions. The following all present difficulties for blind and partially sighted people trying to get around:

  • advertising boards, A boards in particular
  • shop displays
  • overhanging hedges, bushes, and flower displays
  • rubbish bags and bins,
  • street signs and poles,
  • street furniture including tables and chairs
  • vehicles parked on pavements
  • cyclists cycling on pavements

NFBUK campaigns for pavements to be kept clear, you can help by taking action

Homeowners & shopkeepers: maintain trees, hedges, shrubbery and flower displays so they don’t overhang onto the public pavement.  Ensure that “A boards” and any displays are not causing obstructions.  Where outdoor dining places are provided, barricade them off from the main thoroughfare and allow clear space for people to pass safely.

Vehicle drivers: do not park or drive on pavements. It is unsafe to park on the roadway, please find somewhere else to park.

Cyclists: do not cycle on pavements or swerve in and around pedestrians on pavements, instead use the highway or dedicated cycle paths. Where children and others have no alternative to using the pavement, they should ring their bell to warn pedestrians of their approach and in very busy situations, should dismount and push their cycle. Likewise users of roller skates, segways, hoverboards etc should dismount and give priority to all other pedestrians.

NFBUK is lobbying the Government to take steps to prohibit the parking of vehicles on pavements.

Join and support us in our campaign to “Give us back our pavements!”