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Yemi Dada

A picture of EC member Yemi Dada

I arrived in the U.K. in 1969

I was awarded a scholarship to study Physiotherapy.

I discontinued with physiotherapy study and enrolled for insurance studies as a student member of the Chartered Insurance Institute. I started work as a clerk/typist in order to acquire work and apprenticeship skills and experience. When the Financial Services deregulation came into operation in 1988, I applied and was authorised directly to practise as an Independent Financial Adviser until I surrendered my license in 2010 due to serious deterioration in my vision caused by glaucoma, cataract and the ageing process.

I registered as a member of the Institute of Directors where I met my clients to do business.

I was a member of the Parochial Church Committee at Holy Trinity Tulse Hill for many years, progressing to Rural Deanery, and Diocesan Synod over a long period.

From 1992-1997, I chaired the London branch of the Albinism Fellowship, a self help charity for raising awareness giving quality information and advocacy for persons with albinism.

I founded The Albinism Network Association and the PAN AFRICAN ALBINISM ALLIANCE for Nigeria and Africa respectively. The aims and objectives are similar to those of the albinism charity in UK and Ireland.

I am also a founding member of the World Albinism Alliance founded in August 2011.

Albinism involves sensory impairment concerning visual disability.

I believe I can contribute to the deliberations of the Executive Committee of NFBUK.

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