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*Sneak Peak* NFBUK 2020 Calendar

Here is a sneak peak of our JanuaryNumber 10 Petition on Shared Space Road Design’ insert from our NFBUK Calendar for 2020

There’re are 8 people and two guide dogs in the photograph which was taken outside Number 10. These included - Michelle Hough, the Chair of Transport for All, Alan Benson, who is in his wheelchair and two of his colleagues, the President of the NFBUK, Andrew Hodgson and Sandy Taylor, from NFBUK Scotland, both of whom are holding white canes, along with student Charlotte Nickson, with her Guide Dog Layla and Dr Amit Patel with his Guide Dog Kika.

The start of the year saw NFBUK petition the former Prime Minister on the problems of shared space road design. NFBUK supported Michelle Hough from Cornwall, who has a blind daughter with hearing loss and was worried about a new housing development being built next to her home without pavements. This article explains the background to the petition which was very well supported by 112 charities.

If you would like some more information on our calendar and would like to purchase one, please feel free to contact us on 01924 291 313 or email us at