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Attendance Allowance

The Attendance Allowance is a financial benefit that can be paid to registered blind and partially sighted and deaf-blind people over the age of 65. This benefit is not paid to those people already in receipt of the Disability Living Allowance or the replacement benefit of the Personal Independence Payment. It is really only for those people that are registered blind, partially sighted or deaf-blind over the age of 65.

The criteria for this benefit is very tight, and a long application form has to be filled in and it is advisable to have assistance in filling in this form by a benefit rights advisor either from the local Citizens’ Advice Bureau, or the RNIB. As most elderly people need assistance in their homes it has to be additional help that is required for the additional needs of a blind person that would qualify you for this benefit. It does not cover mobility needs, although when completing your application form, if you require help with shopping and obtaining your food then this must be clearly stated.

Currently the Attendance Allowance is administered by the Department for Work and Pensions nationally, but we are awaiting a consultation document from the Government who are considering moving the administration of this benefit to Local Authorities. NFBUK thinks such a move would be detrimental as we are concerned that the money going into Local Authorities will not be ring fenced for the Attendance Allowance, leaving blind and partially sighted people without financial support that is so desperately needed to provide them with their care needs.

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