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NFBUK London Branch Special Guest Speaker – Wednesday 2 September 2015

London Branch of NFBUK invites you to hear our topical and inspiring Guest Speaker on the eve of Wednesday 2nd September.

Lord Chris Holmes of  Richmond, MBE, our Guest Speaker for 2015, has most recently published his report into shared space, “Accidents By Design”. This damning blitz on a pet concept for professional streetscapers to impose on the public realm has
been shown up as unpopular with people, impractical for our high streets and even mis-reported on by the media.

The eloquence and focus of the Holmes Report must read like a breath of fresh air, not only to blind and partially sighted people but, indeed, to a third of the public, whom the Report found actively avoid shared space. But this report is but one chapter in the book that is the life so far of our high-achieving Guest Speaker.

Aside from his nine Paralympic gold swimming medals, Lord Holmes has practised as a commercial lawyer, served his time as a journalist and now is a non-executive Director for the Equality and Human Rights Commission.  Surely this background makes him well qualified to understand what is going on in Britain today with its Government committed to progressively shrinking
state spending. How best might blind and partially sighted people cope during the next five years?

This special open meeting takes place at the RNIB Building at 105 Judd Street, London, WC1H 9NE. It commences at 5:30pm on Wednesday 2nd September 2015. The nearest underground station is Kings Cross St Pancras and the nearest bus stop on the Euston Road is St Pancras International. For further information, contact:

Karl Farrell
Vice Chairman,  NFBUK London Branch
Mobile: 07808 519720