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London Branch Meeting 31 August 2016

Wednesday 31 August – What Will Your Smart Meter Tell You?

NFBUK London Branch and Our Guest Speaker

Last month we gave a lot of feedback to the British Bankers Association and this month we have another hot topic that needs airing.

What do we know about smart meters to track our use of gas and electricity in our homes?  Has anyone got them in use yet?  What do they actually do that is smart and can you benefit from them if you can’t see their display?

Charles Malissard, Public Affairs Manager at Smart Energy GB, will be our Guest Speaker this month and remember, all are welcome!  Charles will explain to us just how these meters are smart and how to make use of the information they provide.  That might be interesting because some people who already have a smart meter in their home say it doesn’t tell them anything.

So this will be a much needed two-way conversation between a service-providing industry and we, the consumers.  Have you got the energy to come and make your point?  We want to work towards a positive outcome and your support will help to make the message clear: blind and partially sighted people want to cook, bathe, live, making the best possible use of the energy they buy.

So come and talk with Charles Malissard from Smart Energy GB on 31 August at the RNIB building, Judd Street.  Doors open at 6pm and the meeting begins at 6:30 in Rooms 5 and 6.  NFBUK London Branch meets monthly on the evening of the last Wednesday at the RNIB.

Enquiries to Richard Harrington: 01442 258643, or Karl Farrell: 07808 519720.