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Eastbourne Weekend Was Bigger This Year !

Please find to follow a report from one of the attendees, Alison Julal.

After attending the NFBUK Eastbourne weekend in 2016 and having had a fantastic weekend of activities and meeting new people, my friends and I recruited others in joining us for our return in 2017. The NFB celebrated their 70th Anniversary with the theme: I’ve Got Rhythm, I’ve Got Music.
With much enthusiasm, the weekend kicked off with a singing jam session which encouraged many a sore throat the next day! Not deterred by such minor ailments, the weekend continued to unfold with further opportunities for singing and dancing.
There was a game crowd this year as the Saturday night dance floor filled with gyrations and enthusiastic side stepping, arms in the air and rhythmic jigs to an eclectic playlist. At one point, Mick Jagger made an appearance!
The enchanting Angels With Attitude choir led a singing session. Despite my not possessing the voice of an angel, we were all encouraged to participate: thoroughly enjoyable – the sound waves felt like I was sitting in the middle of a Tibetan singing bowl. Our entertainment continued with country and gospel music and the Ditchling Morris dancers.
Everyone I spoke with had enjoyed the weekend, with many promises to return in the future. Ted Herbert and Valerie Clark organised a great weekend for us all to enjoy and with the accommodating staff at the Afton Hotel NFB Eastbourne weekend 2017 did not disappoint.