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BSEC-23-03 Call for Nominations for the Presidential Election


From: Head Office

To: Branch Secretaries
Members of Central Branch
Executive Council Members

Date: 17 April 2023

Subject: Call for nominations for the Presidential Election

Nominations are sought for the post of President of the NFBUK. The successful candidate will commence office immediately on election.

The President
For a period of three years until 2025. (Post is currently held by Andrew Hodgson and he is not eligible to stand again since he has completed two consecutive terms in this post).

Details on the duties of this role will follow later in this memo.

Any member who has been an Ordinary Member for at least one year prior to this election may nominate himself/herself, so long as this nomination is seconded prior to its submission.

All nominations should be supported by acceptance in writing from the nominee, and these, together with any supporting biographical notes should reach Head Office by Monday the 22nd May 2023. Biographical notes should not exceed 200 words please.

Members of Central Branch should send their nominations to Head Office by Monday the 15th May 2023.

Many thanks for your cooperation

Duties of The President

The President is responsible to the Executive Council for the overall
direction and smooth running of the work of the Federation. He/she normally serves for a period not exceeding three years (one term) before re-election must be sought.

The President will:
a. Chair or serve on such committees as the Executive Council sees fit;
b. Chair meetings of the Executive Council and Delegate Conferences and any extra-ordinary EC or Special General Meetings;
c. Attend meetings with other organisations and other people as and when required and write reports on these meetings;
d. Have overall responsibility for overseeing the implementation of
strategy decisions taken by the Executive Council or passed at Delegate Conferences;
e. Be directly responsible for managing the work of the federation’s
Honorary General Secretary;
f. Keep up to date with the work of the Federation’s various committees and sub-committees and where necessary provide guidance or interpretation of the rules.
g. Write (or ensure a report is written) for each EC meeting;
h. Write and present a speech to the Annual Delegate Conference.
i. Write reports for ‘Fed News’ and the Annual Report.


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